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Prestige Ceiling Fan-Your Preffered Chioce
Prestige Ceiling Fan M3. The Luxury Collection


The warm and humid climate of Singapore throughout the year makes a fan an indispensable household item. Over time, fans have undergone significant improvements in both design and technology.

We firmly believe that modern fans serve as a fashion statement for your home, seamlessly blending with your dream home's aesthetic while retaining top-notch functionality, quality, and service.

To ensure we deliver the best, rigorous fan testing, extensive research, and market surveys involving various stakeholders were conducted. Consequently, in 2022, Prestige Marketing Singapore, a B2B enterprise, was established. However, we didn't rush our product launch; instead, we invested more time to refine and enhance it, all because we value your satisfaction.

Experience a new level of home luxury today with Prestige, our exquisite collection.

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